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Nurse Chevrolet / Cadillac

"EnviroLube does exactly what the name suggests it does: services vehicles using the most environmentally friendly technology available today... At the end of the day, we’ll leave the planet a better place than we inherited it. It’s the little things that count."


Mary Nurse


Nurse Chevrolet / Cadillac

Whitby, ON  L1N 2K7





Scott Crump Toyota

"We purchased our EnviroLube System in 2008 and have been tremendously pleased with the product. The installation process was exceptionally quick which greatly saved on labor costs and construction time. Additionally, EnviroLube’s installation team was courteous, informative and got along great with our General Contractor."


"Our design included oil tanks and pumps within EnviroLube, which saved us having to have a specialized tank room taking up valuable real estate elsewhere. EnviroLube’s neat, clean and brightly lit work space contributes greatly to our overall quick-lube technician’s positive attitudes and helps them to identify additional needed repairs on our customer’s vehicles. I can highly recommend EnviroLube for anyone considering quick-lube service bays."


Scott Crump


Scott Crump Toyota – Scion

Jasper, AL




Dick Dyer Toyota

"We had the EnviroLube system installed in our new dealership facility in mid-2009. Our EnviroLube is a three-bay system and we are very pleased with the results as the ROI has exceeded our expectations. The EnviroLube service bays have proven to be a time saving investment, are very easily kept up and simple to clean. I can highly recommend the EnviroLube service bay system."


Jim Bunt

General Manager

Dick Dyer Toyota

Columbia, SC




Kendall Toyota

“Kendall Toyota installed an EnviroLube Service Bay System into our new Certified Platinum-LEED building, which opened in July, 2008. I have been extremely satisfied with EnviroLube and with the company’s expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process. I am very pleased having made the decision to include EnviroLube in our building as I feel that the risk of future soil issues has now been all but eliminated.”


Mr. Dean Pape

Real Estate Manager

The Kendall Group

Eugene, OR  97401





Greatwest Kenworth

“We are extremely pleased with our choice of EnviroLube for our new maintenance facility at Greatwest Kenworth in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. EnviroLube is extremely well lit, which helps our technicians clearly see the underside of a rig and identify problem areas.  EnviroLube is very easy to keep clean and the well laid out workspace has plenty of room for technicians to do their job efficiently. An added impact is that our customers are very impressed seeing we have added new technologies such as EnviroLube into our building.”


Mr. Paul E. Storwick

President - COO

GreatWest Kenworth

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada





Corwin Toyota - Scion

“We at Tim Corwin Toyota / Scion are extremely pleased with our three-bay EnviroLube quick lube service bay system. Our employees working in the quick lube area are very happy with the system and are impressed at how easy it is to keep clean. The efficiency of working on vehicles has greatly increased our ROI.  We have gone from taking 25+ minutes to do an oil change, rotate and inspection on our old hoists to less than 15 minutes with EnviroLube.

When I take people on a tour of our new state of the art Toyota dealership the EnviroLube is always one of the highlights of their tour. It was great working with you and your team on the installation and set up of this system.  If you ever need a place to show your system in an actual working environment or a contact to discuss EnviroLube please don’t hesitate to give them my name.”


Mr. Dan Wilson

Partner - CFO

The Corwin Group

Fargo, ND





Maita Automotive Group

“We purchased our three-bay EnviroLube over 14-years ago and consistently service between 120 and 150 cars per day. Our quick-lube center has proven to be one of the highest profit and greatest return-on-investment departments within our dealership’s service area. EnviroLube is easy to keep clean and still looks great after servicing over 500,000 cars.”


Mr. Gary Kiser

Maita Group of Dealerships

Operations Manager

Sacramento, CA



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