ILS Corporate Officers

Jerry Steele, Founder

Jerry Steele, ILS

Following a successful career of engineering and constructing hydraulic systems for multi-national corporations worldwide, in 1983 Jerry became an early pioneer of the automotive drive through lubrication industry. He developed, built and operated successful high-volume, quick-lube facilities in northern California. Combining his knowledge of the quick-lube industry with his hydraulic engineering background, in the late 1980’s Jerry founded Lubrication Systems, Inc. LSI, Inc. was an engineering, manufacturing, and installation firm specializing in high-quality products and systems for the quick-lube industry.  During this period of time, Mr. Steele developed an extensive line of quality fixtures and systems for the quick-lube industry including a series of catwalk-style tank systems that gained the highest UL rating available.  After completing the design and construction of more than 600 service facilities nationwide, Jerry turned his knowledge and talents to the development of the emerging EnviroLube Lubrication System. Elected as chief design consultant for the EnviroLube product, he was instrumental in founding ILS, Inc., and acquired the rights to distribute EnviroLube globally.  Today Jerry directs all activities in distribution, development and sales of the EnviroLube system.

Jason Steele, President

Jason Steele, ILS

Jason has been involved with all aspects of the automotive service industry for over 25-years. When the drive-through oil change industry was in its infancy in the early 1980’s, Jason became one of the initial participants being involved in both the operational as well as management portion of the business. After having worked in the business for several years Jason discovered that there could be better products and processes developed to help move the industry forward. Therefore, in 1988 he began designing and installing systems to help the oil change industry grow, which quickly began to involve entire automotive dealerships, and eventually heavy-duty service facilities.

Jason earned his Bachelors of Business Administration and Marketing from Sacramento State University. Today Jason oversees the marketing, administration, and financial aspects of ILS’s operations.


Crystal Steele, Vice President

Crystal Steele, ILS

Crystal has spent most of her career developing marketing plans for the drive-through oil change industry, working with both owners as well as suppliers. Trade show responsibilities have always been at the forefront of marketing plans, and therefore, Crystal has developed a thorough working knowledge of the market. As the Vice President at ILS, Inc., she ensures a smooth flow information by coordinating on-site personnel, delivery, and set up of all EnviroLube systems nationwide. Crystal’s position within ILS, Inc. is to guarantee that all phases of the administration of the company, and its customers, are handled in an efficient and professional manner


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