Stair Treads

Our stair treads are custom made to fit your EnviroLube entry and service bay stair wells. The highly textured surface helps prevent your technicians from slipping.


Available in the versions as shown below.

EnviroLube Stair Tread for top stair

Service bay top tread  48"x12"

EnviroLube Stair Tread with logo

Service bay stair tread with EnviroLube logo 32"x12"

EnviroLube Stair Tread 32 wide

Service bay stair tread  32"x12"

EnviroLube Stair Treads in stairwell
EnviroLube Stair Tread 39" wide

Entry stair tread 39"x13"

Entry stair tread with EnviroLube Logo 39"x13"

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