Lube Modules

18 space lube dispense station by Integrated Lube Services

16 Space Unit

12 space lube dispense station by Integrated Lube Services

12 Space Unit

Our lube modules, built from heavy duty stainless steel, help your technicians work efficiently by keeping your dispense meters close at hand and organized. The hose guides are fabricated from super thick plex and riveted into place in order to hold up to the heavy duty work load of a high volume shop.


We offer 12 and 16 space units. The modules have an open bottom to feed the hoses up from your EnviroLube passageway or lube basement. Each unit also has slots to hold available name plates (pictured below) for easy identification of the fluid being dispensed from any given slot.

Integrated Lube Services lube dispenser shown with tech station
Integrated Lube Services quick lube dispenser name plates

Fluid name plates

Shown with optional technician module

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